• Batucada Di Maccio Foot jewel - White

Batucada Di Maccio Foot jewel - White


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It is common to see jewelry made for our neck, wrist, and hands. But we often forget the attention that is paid elsewhere on our bodies especially on the special occassion like your Wedding Day! The DiMaccio Foot Jewel was inspired by the joining of contemporary and ancient designs. With its intricate pattern, created through curves, swirls, and other ajoining shapes, this Bright White  foot jewel is sure to make your partner worship the ground you walk on that much more. If you want to feel different, and on a higher playing field from other brides, this is the item to go to. Each of the intricate details play together to result in a gorgeous piece that will adorn your foot with grace and elegance. This foot jewel will keep you eco-friendly, since it is made of completely recycleable materials. So get ready to put your best (jeweled) foot forward!

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