About Batucada

Feed back from the National Gallery of Victoria - Gift Shop - June 2015 -            
"Sales of the selection have been good and have complimented the rest of the exhibition range well. In this instance it has been great to have such a strong link to Chinese auspicious meanings through the jewellery. The exhibition has overall exceeded the expected visitor numbers and the merchandise has been very well received. ....We are always open to your product suggestions for the NGV design store ..... As always we welcome your suggestions in the future."  Sienna Tsakirakis.

Batucada commitment to you...and the planet


To create its subtle and delicate patterns, Batucada has worked in partnership with a pool of gifted stylists and designers, including:

  • - Otalia Noël (designing for YSL, Armani, Thierry Mugler, Givenchy),
  • - Tanaka You (artistic designer for J.J. Ory, architect),
  • - Gérard Di-Macio (painter),
  • - Caroline Homery…


A French Brand conceived in 2006, Batucada designs and produces jewellery from a proprietary blend of materials synthesized to create the feel of a soft & silky natural “gum.” Sold on over five continents around the world, Batucada is available in sophisticated designer & concept stores, department stores and some of the most well-known Museum retail shops.

Respect for the environment is a priority for Batucada. All of our products are composed of 100% recyclable materials that are free of lead, oil, phthalates and other common pollutants. Batucada products are all handcrafted and our packaging is also made from 100% recycled paper. Perpetually in pursuit of the most unique designs, Batucada draws inspiration from a global community of talented artists including Otalia Noel, Tanaka You, Gerard Di-Maccio and collaborative designers like Carmen & Alan , Elise & Mai …

Among the most exclusive Japanese stores, Batucada’s collections can be found at Odakyu Shinjuku Tokyo, Odakyu Fujisawa, Urawa Isetan, Marui, Tokyo Shinjuku, Ginza Spring. Our corner havens of fashion in these prestigious outlets has facilitated the growth of a trendy “fashionista” culture that seeks out unique accessories produced with an environmental consciousness – one of the many reasons why Batucada has also captivated the attention of some of the most prolific style bloggers in Japan.

To us, creating jewellery or design decorations involves our responsibility as individuals. Protecting the planet is part of this responsibility.

This ethical commitment is part of our trademark and it is something we are really proud of.